Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Texting/Using Smartphone Increasing Number Of Injuries For Pedestrians

It is no wrong that technology is our best friend in modern lifestyle. We consume our most of time while sending messages to our friends, sharing videos with one another and texting is one of them. But the fact is that technology is also a big risk to our lives?

When a person is texting on their smartphone and never focusing on the road while walking, there is a possibility of a slip or fall at a certain point and get involved in an accident. But the bigger risk associated with the drivers of a car when they are texting and never looking towards the road.

There is also a research associated with the cases shows that people that use a smartphone while they are walking on the road have more chance of injury. They have found out these symptoms while studying the facts and figures of 30 teen participants walking 30 feet in the clean footpath. But there is also another fact shows that death tool of people using a smartphone is rising every year and the injury consequences of texting are also increased when it comes to pedestrians.

These all are the risks associated with the pedestrians while the car drivers using the mobile phone are also at extreme risk of injury and accident. The fact is that when they use mobile phone their eyes never get enough attention of the road and focal point turns towards mobile instead of a road.

Why is mobile phone getting enough attention in our world?

The reason is that people never want to miss anything on social media. We are often attaching to social media including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. These all are popular platforms when it comes to connecting with your friends and family.

We always looking forward to latest status update from our friends. We make comments on them and like or dislike the posts. It is becoming a trend of modern life and this is a reason people never stay away from their smartphone. They are ready for updating their profile at every single moment of life.

What are the risks?

The government officials added that if the habit of people remains constant then the injuries to pedestrians and car drivers grew rapidly. Usually walking injuries to the people caught due to colliding with the walls, falling down stairs, missing a step or going in traffic. The study also shows that texting pedestrians are always risky to them.

If you ever become a victim of injury while texting mobile phone but happens due to someone's negligence then you have to engage personal injury solicitor in Burnley with your case to learn facts and figures.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Is it valid to claim for accident in a gym?

If you ever feel that you're getting weight and your body requires some exercise as you have a new motivation of getting fit or something else then you must look for the gym. The gym is the only place that provides physical fitness to the person also inner fitness with different techniques and methods and many of us rely on them.

The fact is that every next person wants to get into perfect shape and to fulfill their dreams they usually join the gym. Millions of people in the world have a membership with the gym centers. Starting gym is not as easy as one thinks about it. It requires a lot of hard work and motivation to fulfill your dreams.

The fact is that it requires you to load heavy machinery. Some of them are static and others are in the motion and it requires some time to regular your body parts with these accessories. Every gym has set some rules and regulations and you must need to follow them to remain fit and healthy with the gym activities. These rules also help the person to avoid any kind of injury in the gym. 

What are the reasons that cause injuries at the gym?

But the fact is that many people are using gym machines in an irregular way that leads to the injuries. Sometimes the accident happens if the machinery is not properly maintained in the gym and causes injuries to the person. It also happens if the instructor doesn't have adequate knowledge to train the people and lead to the internal or external injury. If you are doing progress under the unprofessional guidance then also lead to the injury. If you feel any injury sign then never delay and make a visit to the hospital to avoid further injuries. 

If the floor of the gym is not properly maintained and becomes the reason of the slip accident then it is also the negligence of the gym management. If you ever become the victim of gym accident that happens due to the negligence of the gym instructor or management team then you are eligible for filing the compensation claim. The fact is that you don't need to pay for the expenses that happen due to someone else's mistake. 

It is the responsibility of the gym owner to provide the adequate safety parameters to the gym members and also provide feasible gym instructor. They have to look for maintenance of gym accessories and make sure they are feasible for the use of the client. 

Claim compensation may help you in: 

If you ever become the victim of gym accident then make sure to record the accident at the book. It is the evidence of the accident and engages personal injury solicitor Bolton to file the successful compensation claim. This claim will help you:

·         Paying off your all the bills when you were not able to work
·         Paying for your medical expenses so that you can recover quickly
·         Paying for any loss you have suffered

Friday, October 13, 2017

Basic Factors of Negligence Claims

The fact is that people got injured every year due to the negligence of someone others and it becomes the reason of injuries for the person and some cases become the reason of death. Such accidents should need to keep away from the happening and if you ever become the victim of negligence accident then you are eligible for making the compensation claim. This claim will help you to recover the damages and payment you need for the treatment of injuries.


It is the duty of every person to learn the rules and regulations of the country and the workplace environment and if driving the car on the road then makes sure they are acting according to the traffic rules and laws. In different cases, responsibility is backed up with special conditions. For instance, a relation among the defendant and claimant may set up some duties. For instance, parents have a responsibility to keep their children safe and teachers have a responsibility to protect students. Doctors have a responsibility to perform according to a special medical standard with their patients.

It is the duty of every person to follow the rules and regulations of the state and protect the others from any kind of accident and incident. The accident only happens due to the negligence of other members. For instance, guests generally come in property make a certain business deal with a landowner. These people have the highest responsibility of care, such as checking for possible faults and fixing them in good time. Retailers may come in the property for the benefit of the property owner. These people have the responsibility to be notified about potential risks.

Violation of duty

We have seen that responsibility of the care is found at every stage of the life and claimant has to show that defendant made the mistake and violated the duty terms and conditions. For instance, if there is any road accident then the claimant has to prove that the other driver has increased the speed and becomes the reason of accident. For instance, if there is property accident as the owner doesn't care about the cleanliness of the place and guest member becomes the victim of slipping event. These all are the cases of negligence and suffered person will engage personal injury Bolton solicitor for making the compensation claim.

The defendant's violation has to be directly given rise to the plaintiff's losses. It implies that the claimant would not have got injuries when the defendant would not have performed in the way that he did. In addition, the reason for the filing a personal injury claim cannot be any further taken out of the injury that the defendant can run off liability.

The claimant should need to secure all the bills and expenses directly related to the injury and occur due to the negligence of the other. The lawyer will help you to meet all the expenses you suffered for the negligence.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims And Lawyers

It is the bitter reality that road traffic accidents happened on regular basis and the news and media channels must contain the information of accidents. This is the reason driving rules and regulation of the country is always strong to decrease the accidents and negligence of a driver.

But what if you ever become the victim of road traffic accident then you are eligible for making the compensation claim to meet your expenses you suffered during the accident. When the settlement claim is being carefully thought out by a lawyer, a number of different aspects also consider associated with the person's injuries.

Lawyer plays an important role in compensation claim:

Your lawyer is the one that has information regarding with the compensation claim through the court and helps you in need. The lawyer will check your health care records with the hospital and later they will calculate the amount you will get in the settlement case and injuries you suffered.

It is not possible to say that you get this amount during for the settlement case but your lawyer will make the perfect theme and documentation for your case. They will determine information associated with the compensation claim and your injuries and will later estimate the scope of your losses. Your lawyer has the ability to gather primary evidence with your case and the physical injuries you suffered during the accident and it is possible to give you better advice with your case and recommends the amount of compensation you should look forward to receiving.

The compensation claim is not what about your injuries during the accident but the loss of wages is also calculated. The lawyer will collect the information whether you are not able to get to the work due to the injuries and it causes a problem for your income. This information is also written on the documentation of the case and the slips that show loss of wages is also attached with the documents. The lawyer will also take the receipt of your damages and your financial losses. Along with the compensation reward, you are titled to demand compensation for missed incomes after road traffic accident.

When you want to get the treatment for your injuries then you should also look for the lawyer. The lawyer will recommend you the best private health care center and they will make you eligible to get the therapy you need from a private clinic. For instance, you require psychological therapy to recover from the injuries entirely; your lawyer will suggest a good clinic and keep track data of any costs you have paid as a direct consequence of your injuries.

It all happens if you file the compensation claim with the Personal Injury Preston Solicitors and prepare the documentation. The lawyers will always provide the best choice to their clients and prepare the case that wins in the court. They will attach all the evidence with your file to represent a better image of their clients and helps you to meet all the expenses you suffered during the accident.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Contractor fined after passing HSE inspector notices dangerous work at height

A Chippenham self-employed building contractor was fined at a hearing at Swindon Magistrates' Court on January 27th after admitting breaching health and safety laws.

Ian Pitman, of Kington St Michael's Honeyknobb Hill, was fined £10,000 with costs of £735 after pleading guilty to one breach of the Work at Height Regulations 2005

On July 4th 2013, a health and safety inspector was passing by a farm in Wiltshire. They noticed that three people were fitting roof sheets on the barn roof, but were not protected by any fall prevention or mitigation measures.  Therefore, they could have potentially fallen eight metres from the roof and could have sustained serious or fatal injuries.

To prevent these catastrophic accidents at work from occurring, the inspector halted work on-site by issuing a Prohibition Notice. As a result, the roofing work could only begin again when proper health and safety standards had been implemented.

Further investigations into the incident revealed that Ian Pitman had employed the three people to help him build the barn. However, he had not used safety netting or scaffold edge protection and had therefore put these three people at a real risk of serious personal injury.

HSE Inspector Ian Whittles said after the hearing that Mr Pitman had previously been subjected to HSE enforcement action for improper planning of work at height, but despite this, he had still failed to implement sufficient workplace safety measures to mitigate or prevent falls.

Although the risks involved in work at height are well-known within the construction sector, a lack of safeguards and poor health and safety standards are still present among some contractors. These failings could easily lead to catastrophic workplace accidents, which could see businesses or contractors facing accident at work compensation claims and HSE prosecutions.

Mr Whittles noted that in the number of falls from the roofs of agricultural buildings has significantly increased in the last ten years. He expressed his hope that the prosecution will see contractors properly planning all work at height and enacting proper workplace safety precautions.

Employers have a legal duty to plan work in a safe and proper manner, with some of the other health and safety laws that affect employers including the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. Businesses should become familiar with these laws if they are to fulfil their legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees.

If you have a concern about workplace safety standards, you should speak with your employer and ask them to look into the problem. Employers cannot fire you or treat you in an unfair way for raising concerns about health and safety. 

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, then you should contact personal injury Bolton solicitors to make an accident at work compensation claim. You cannot be dismissed for claiming workplace accident compensation. There is a three-year statute of limitations for all personal injury claims, so you should start making a claim as soon as possible.