Friday, August 15, 2014

DM-CWS-Savile charity to appeal compensation payouts

The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust is to appeal compensation payments to his victims. The BBC, NHS and the trust were ordered to pay damages to abuse victims

Savile charity to appeal compensation pay-outs

In a move that has shocked and appalled those involved with gaining compensation for the victims of abuse carried out by DJ, Jimmy Savile, his trust is set to go to the Court of Appeal to prevent the compensation being paid.

Angry and disappointed

A compensation scheme was set up in light of the despicable crimes carried out by Savile which is to pay his victims from funds garnered from his estate, the NHS and the BBC. A legal representative of 176 of the victims said that they would be “angry and disappointed” by the turn of events.


It is still not clear why the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust is appealing the decision to grant victims compensation via the scheme, as they will not be responsible for making the payments. Damages will be collected from Savile’s estate, and not the charity,as it is deemed a separate entity.

History of the case

Jimmy Savile’s crimes have been widely reported in the press and it is believed he abused over 200 individuals,during a 60 year period. His victims were between the ages of five and 75 and were assaulted whist in hospitals that were visited by Savile. Due to the TV personality’s connections with the BBC and the NHS and their role in the case, both were ordered by the High Court to pay into a scheme which would offer reparations to Savile’s victims. The appeal is thought to be taking place in September this year or January 2015.

Compensation for victims of abuse

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Why seek compensation?
Savile’s victims waited many years for their cases to be heard and although it is understandable that many feel nothing will make amends for what has happened to them, compensation can go some way to providing a form of reparation. The psychological damage caused by abuse cases can deter victims from returning to work or even getting on with their everyday lives. The practicalities of the day-to-day may need to be addressed, in conjunction with getting the emotional help you need. Loss of wages, medical bills, and counselling can cause financial stress to you and your family, and compensation can help pay for whatever is required.

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