Thursday, February 26, 2015

What is a Fatigue Related Accident Claim?

Fatigue related accidents account for a huge number of accidents and injuries across the UK each year, from fatigue related work injuries to fatigue related car accidents. Often causing avoidable injuries to innocent bystanders, such accidents are regularly pursued in a claims court with the help of fatigue related accident claims solicitors.

The Definition of Fatigue

Referring to a bodily state far beyond regular tiredness, fatigue is regularly defined as a state caused by physical and psychological exertion that results in weakness, drowsiness and loss of concentration. Outside the workplace, it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that their fatigue is not risking the lives or health of others, and as such those suffering from fatigue should take precautions to avoid endangering others.

Inside the workplace the employer is responsible for ensuring that employees do not reach this state. This may be through regular breaks or reduced shifts. Those working shifts are the most likely to suffer fatigue due to regularly altered sleeping patterns and extended working hours.

Fatigue in the Workplace

Employers are required by law to provide a safe working environment for their employees and are also responsible for implementing procedures to protect employees from potential health and safety hazards. Although the law states that UK workers have a responsibility to protect their own health and well-being, it also states that there are a number of strict guidelines that must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.

According to the Working Time Regulations1998 Act, employers must provide their employees with a break of at least 20 minutes if they are working over six hours per day, or a break of 30 minutes if young employees are working over four hours and 30 minutes per day. Employers are also responsible for providing workers with one day off each week, which can also be provided as an average over a two-week period. However, for young workers, this changes to two days per week, which must be provided on a weekly basis.

Making a Fatigue Related Accident Claim

If you have suffered injuries as a result of fatigue, then it’s possible that you could make a compensation claim. Those who have suffered injuries as a result of the fatigue of others outside the workplace could be entitled to claim compensation for their suffering and medical costs, as well as a loss of income. Those who have suffered injuries in the workplace, either due to their own fatigue or the fatigue of others, could claim compensation from employers to cover suffering, medical costs and even a loss of income. Those who choose to pursue a claim against their employers can also be sure that the law is on their side, and will prevent them from being targeted by their employer via dismissal or refusal to support recovery.

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