Wednesday, June 10, 2015

West Virginia (Mountain State) Fatal Automobile Accident Statistics

Critical automobile accident statistics can help people prevent the occurrence of deadly motor car accidents in West Virginia.

Know and comprehend the fatal automobile accident statistics can help people track tendency in extremely injurious car accidents in West Virginia. An auto accident and personal injury lawyer often has such statistics up to date, if you are looking for all inclusive statistics. People can know more about the affect, kinds of motor cars and accidents, states most affected, and other key facts.

Summary of serious automobile accidents in West Virginia
In accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most up-to-date quantitative data from 2011 reveals there were 335 road injurious incidents including deaths. These incidents happened mostly in countryside regions (238), with the other happening in municipal regions (97). The figures are higher than the last year’s 315 road accident deaths. In whatever way, it is lower than previous years. See More

Here, 463 people put to death while driving. The age group where a large number of these deaths took place was 21 to onward (410). The drivers put to death were among 15 to 20 years and older was 49. The age figure is quite similar as compared to last years affected to great extent by extremely injurious road accidents in West Virginia.

Use of safety measures and death of passengers in busses
There was only one death of a kid of four years and under. Though the child was prevented from further injuries, this small age highlight the use of greater level of child safety seats. It is the lowest age of death from the time when 2007. In West Virginia, kids more than the age of eight have to use a child seat approved by federal government.

In accordance with West Virginia extremely unfortunate automobile accident statistics, for people of 5 or more years old, there were 261 people put to death. In 45 of such incidents, it is not recognized whether safety measures were considered or not. In other incidents, 132 people were not using safety measures, and 84 people were using them. It is figured out that an extra 52 people may have been saved in condition safety measures were used.

Types of road accidents in West Virginia Dangerous
A large number of deaths in these types of incidents happen due to driving out of roadway (250). After that single-vehicle accidents come (202), over speeding (114), rolling on road (110), accidents on traffic circle (37) and accident with heavy vehicles (34).

The type of motor cars engaged in these serious accidents were almost exclusively the traveler car (174), after that light trucks (73), public services trucks (55), trucks with an enclosed cargo space (22) and heavy trucks (8).

Affect of consuming alcoholic drinks in deadly accidents
The number of deaths (90) happened when Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level noticed was .08 or more. Though a .08 BAC level shows that driver has drunk to a great extent, for drivers lower than the age of 21. A car accident lawyer can interpret these automobile mishap statistics for people who may have to start legal proceedings. Click Here For More Detail

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