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Deadly New Jersey Bicycle Accidents and Safety Rules

Deadly New Jersey Bicycle Accidents and Safety Rules

New Jersey is a grand area to trip via a bike. It depends on where you decide to go, you can take pleasure in a smooth trip along plane plains, take yourself on a daring mountain track, or enjoy the fresh salty atmosphere as you ride alongside the walkway at the side of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the remarkable news. The shocking information is that New Jersey has a second position in the country for serious bicycle accidents.

In actual fact, in only two years time period from 2012 to 2014, serious bicycle accidents given rise due to automobile accidents raised from 29%to 32.5%.

New Jersey is a state, in the northeast roadway where bicycle safety rules are not applied yet and there are also not bicycle pathways by the side of highways. Many states have applied rules that want motor car drivers to keep a space of three to four feet among their car and a bicycle once they pass. Some states have provides a special bike path by the side of heavily busy roads and exactingly put the safety buffer rules into effect. It is the most heavily occupied state in America, yet has not any protection for people who want to travel by cycle.

The two bills presently have offered in New Jersey assembly that will make laws demanding motor car drivers to keep a four foot space among a car and a bicycle or pay a fine ticket of 500 dollars as a penalty. The bills were authorized in the state parliament, but have delayed in the Senate Transportation commission that stated that the rules are not effective in this state. Read More

It is claimed that small roads in several parts of New Jersey would oblige drivers to cross into approaching vehicles when they kept a four foot space for bicycles. The bicycle special paths are favorable wherever it is applicable, but this law all over state would not be successful. The New Jersey’s negligence driving regulations already protect bicycle riders.

Bicycle protection

One more law that is not used here that may make traveling by bicycle safe is a safety helmet law. Just people bellow 17 years need to use safety helmets at the same time as riding bicycle. As described NHTSA, 84% of cyclists unfortunately put to death in New Jersey in 2010-2013 where were not using safety helmets or other safety gears. At the same time as many regulations to protect bicycle riders on the roads can help decrease the deaths resulting from a bicycle accident; there are some safety measures that cycle riders can consider to stop the trend of dangerous injury or death.

The NHTSA also has specified bicycle safety details to promote bicycle riders safety. In the main, safety helmets are the first step of safety that makes riders safe from blowing brain injuries and head bone injuries. These injuries are most familiar and have dangerous affects during a bicycle accident. The safety details give advice on the kinds of helmet, how to appropriately wear a helmet, and how to check it.

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